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We had great fun with Robert and Regan while shooting their wedding back in December. It may have been cold and rainy but Regan’s sunny outlook was contagious and everyone had the best time! Below is their story in words and images!

How did you two meet?

Robert and I actually met in high school, but we are NOT high-school sweethearts. Robert’s locker was directly above mine, so he used to help me open my locker when it was stuck. He was the popular kid in school, and I was the quiet new girl. We didn’t begin dating until later in college when we started working for the same company, and our friends Nicole and Aaron were actually the ones to set us up! They each invited us to the same parties and events at their house all the time, so we had no choice but to get to know one-another….we dated briefly then, but went our separate ways as I finished school and he joined the fire department. Then, 4 years later, we ran into each other at “Ra” while we were out with friends, and have been inseparable ever since. Now we are about to celebrate 7 years together. 🙂


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How did the wedding planning go? Was Rob hands on or not so much? What made you choose the details you had – mustaches (loved by the way) cupcakes vs. big wedding cake.

Wedding planning was pretty easy, and Robert was perfect. When I asked what he liked, his reply was “I love whatever you like honey”. ha! We made most decisions together, or rather I would show him two options for something and let him weigh in. We both like the humor in mustaches, and it was fitting because every November, the entire fire-department grows out their mustaches for “no-shember” (no-shave-November), and I wanted the guests to have something fun to take home or take photos with. I actually made all of those myself…. I love that stuff. We decided on cupcakes because we wanted people to have cake that they actually liked, and we didn’t want a huge cake to go to waste, and we LOVE cupcakes. There were 15 dozen cupcakes and I think 10 different flavors. “Our Lady Of Cupcakes” was the vendor, and we are just in love with this company. (The “tasting” was awesome also!) We wanted the details of the wedding to be “US”, and by that we wanted it to be fun, relaxed and a little out of the box.

Where did you find your dress and bridesmaid dresses? What was the inspiration for the colors?

I found my dress at Mariee in Scottsdale… They were incredible! A small little shop, with beautiful gowns and the most wonderful ladies who work there. I asked the bridesmaids to each choose their own dress for the wedding. My only request of them was that it be a shade of grey. Since it was winter, I chose grey, white, and pale pink for the colors, to try to give it a soft, wintery feel. We liked the idea of it being romantic (with all of the candles for the tables) and complimenting the natural beauty of the Boojum Tree that was already present.

Your wedding stands out because of the unique weather! I loved your attitude about the rain! Give me your thoughts on that and what you told Rob about it.

Well, the truth is I LOVE RAIN. I always have……Robert on the other hand, is not the biggest fan. I grew up in Sierra Vista, where it used to rain every afternoon in the summer time (really, every, single, afternoon) and my sister and I would always go out and play in the rain, sometimes with umbrellas, sometimes without. I think it is just so unusual to have rain here (especially now in Phoenix) so it reminds me of growing up whenever it does. A week or two before the wedding, I said to Robert, “wouldn’t it be beautiful if it rained on our wedding day?” He quickly replied (with a perfectly logical answer) of “NO”, we are getting married OUTSIDE!” I thought about it, and then agreed quickly with him because our wedding, reception and rehearsal dinner were all going to be held outside. Then as the days before the wedding got closer and closer, we watched the weather channel intently, (actually we checked MANY channels) and sure enough, it looked inevitable.

When the morning of the wedding came, and the rain wouldn’t’ let up, I was worried that Robert would be upset about it, but instead, I remember getting a text from Robert that said “Aggghhh!!! I can’t wait to marry you in the rain today! My best friend, and love of my life”.

We arrived at the Boojum Tree, and Tasha (my wedding coordinator and good friend) asked if we wanted to move it all inside or stay out in the rain…I immediately said, whatever Robert wants to do. And Tasha replied, “he said he wants whatever you want” and I looked at her in silence….. Then she said, “if it were me, I would get married in the rain all day”. It gave me the biggest smile cause I couldn’t have agreed with her more! I felt like getting married in the rain, was “US”. It was different, and memorable and who else will have memories of their wedding day like that? I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. I have the best memories of taking that long walk down the aisle in the rain with my dad, looking up and seeing all of our family, huddled under umbrellas and smiling, all for us on our special day.

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