First Communion Portraits

Each year about this time we do First Communion and Confirmation portraits. It’s is one of my favorite things to do. I love to see the kids all dressed up in their special outfits and the girls with their veils feeling so pretty. Maybe I like it because I can remember my First Communion Portrait and how special it felt to have so much attention on me and that day. (If I can find the portrait I will post it. I remember I was missing my front teeth…) Anyway, the actual day of the ceremony was a tad embarrassing! I vividly remember being lined up with the rest of the kids at the altar and just as we were about to receive communion I heard screaming and the pitter patter of little feet running up the isle. As I turned in slow motion I realized it was my baby brother running toward me! On his heels was my father who, although an avid tennis player, was having trouble catching up with him on that slippery marble floor!  I was so relieved that he got him before Bradley got me!

Here are some portraits of the kids from this year! What cuties!






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