Dog Days Of Winter…


For a lot of  people their pets are their kids. For people who have kids and pets (like us) there are times when the pets are preferred over the kids (again, like us) they always love you, they don’t talk back and only occasionally whine for a biscuit or treat as opposed to an xbox or an iPhone.


In celebration of these wonderful creatures, we are launching our pet portrait program.  Over the years we have taken a lot of images of our own furry “kids” as well as our non-furry kids (well, Ben is a little furry) and have so much fun photographing animals that we thought it would be nice to offer pet portraits to our clients. Think about how hard it is to get a great picture of your dog for example. They either move just before the shutter clicks so that they are a blur or their eyes will have that eerie glowing quality (or white-eye) due to the flash.


We offer two options for our pet portraits: “Traveling Paws” (we come to you) or “Studio Paws” you come to us. If you would like to schedule an portrait session for your best friend, give us a call or send an email and we will send you more information!

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